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In today’s home furnishings stores you can experience an amazing improvement. Everyone has done the furnishing of their own apartment with more or less mistakes.

Today, the interior designer needs continuous self-development as well to keep up with the requirements of the ever expanding style trends, construction and lighting technologies and interior design materials.

Emerging issues:

  • You have your apartment already, but what kind of tips and tricks should you use to make it look more spacious with a nice atmosphere?

  • Our job is to find and realise answers, solutions, style and harmony for you.

Home design consultancy:

Annamária Pál
Interior Designer
Phone: 06 20·340 83 15

The best place to meet is the location itself, where the customer can get ideas based on the first impressions, and a floor plan can be drawn up with which work can be started.

After the survey is done, sketch plans are made in the form of a drawing and in 3D. You can choose the most appropriate one of two or three versions.

These plans show the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment, and of course we need to turn the disadvantages to our advantage.

The home of your dreams can be created by demolition, covering, painting, wallpapering, custom made furniture and textiles matching the interiors, if so required.

All skilled jobs are executed based on the final design material.

The designer material or specification for furnishing a home includes the description of work to be done on each room and a list of materials to be used (tiles, wallpaper, paint, colour code, chipboard, textile) as well as pieces of furniture.

It is the basis of precise and accurate work that facilitates the work of professionals.

Draft Plans

Furnished floor plans with scales clearly visible.
The draft plan can be made by hand or on a computer. Here we do not put much emphasis on colours and furniture styles yet.
3D draft plans increasingly displace hand made renderings.

vazlatterv_01 vazlatterv_02



Wall Elevations

Scale wall elevation. Several versions are made to establish which one is closer to the vision of the owner.

burkolasi_tervFloor Covering Plan

It is made when cold tiles are used, so we can calculate how much to buy of the tiles.

In many cases, the tile distribution company offers such an opportunity, and it is worth taking advantage of.

Lighting Design

Today it is worth to put special emphasis on the expansion of lighting when modernizing your home. You need to think about what kind of lights you want and where, well in advance.




Computer design is becoming increasingly widespread in visualization. The advantage is that the completed design can be viewed from different perspectives, while a disadvantage is that custom-designed furniture and interior design solutions are difficult to model in this environment, in which case the final furniture plan is made by hand and a similar one is used in the program.


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latvanyterv_03 latvanyterv_04


  • Décor is the most important element of our apartment.

  • Curtains, carpets, upholstery, cushions, tablecloths, floor lamps, vases all contribute to a quality interior design.

  • It is important to harmonize the colours in order to feel good in our own home.

  • Our professionals

  • Upholsterers

  • Seamstresses in our own sewing facility

  • Cornice manufacturers in our own cornice manufacturing workshop

  • Carpenters

  • Painters, floor layers

  • Curtain cleaners